Connect MM

About the Connect® MM Disease Registry (NCT01081028):


The Connect® MM Registry is the largest and longest running prospective, observational study in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (NDMM).  From September 2009 through April 2016, 3011 patients with NDMM were enrolled in two cohorts at 250 sites in the United States. Due to a high proportion (84%) of patients enrolled from community sites, Connect MM is a valuable resource for characterizing the changing MM landscape in daily practice.

This is an observational study, which means participants do not receive prescribed research medication(s) or required medical treatment(s) outside of their physician’s treatment plan. This registry study is designed to characterize diagnostic patterns, treatment choices and sequencing, safety, health-related quality of life, and clinical outcomes for NDMM patients in both academic and community settings.


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Citation List

Citation List

This list includes published manuscripts and abstracts made available from study start to August 2021